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Supporting Your Professional Judgement

It happens to all of us at one time or another: a parent or colleague challenges a professional judgement and we're left struggling to find concrete evidence to substantiate it.

"You must have got that wrong - She can do that easily for me."

When it comes to profiling children in Reception and Year 1, Screen Learning provides every child with an unbiased, culturally-neutral environment in which to demonstrate their full abilities, unaffected by their peers.

Accurate and detailed profiles are generated automatically for each of the children in your class, based on how they perform in each of the thirteen specifically targeted online games.

Profiles cover a wide range of areas, including skills that underpin reading, spelling, mental arithmetic, social functioning, language use, motor control and memory, as well as hearing and colour vision. Individual profiles are normalised against the UK population to give you a basis of consistent and unbiased facts.

Jan Dubiel, Principal Offer FSP, NAA says this about Smart Cats:
Materials could be used by practitioners as evidence towards supporting judgements for the Foundation Stage Profile (FSP)… This would need to be in the context of a range of evidence, that although predominantly observational, does have a place for the adult directed assessment fulfilled by materials such as yours.

Jan Dubiel is very supportive of Smart Cat’s ability to contribute significantly with the assessment of EAL children also:

Within the context of a range of evidence, this could be an invaluable tool in the process of accurately reflecting the development and attainment of children with EAL.

A full copy of Jan Dubiel’s letter dated January, 2007 which includes this information can be obtained from Screen Learning by calling Laura Else on 01225 312627 or by emailing laura.else@screenlearning.com