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Smart Cat Profiling

Smart Cat Profiling launched in 2006 as a unique, and accessible online tool aimed at providing Foundation Stage practitioners with an additional strategy for building an ongoing and accurate profile of each child in their class.  It consists of thirteen engaging and fun assessments which can be run from any computer with web access, under minimal supervision and with maximum results.

Each child’s profile, obtained through the use of Smart Cats, supports the teacher’s judgements in 37 of 117 Foundation Stage points.  It also contributes to completing the QCA Scheme of Work for ICT

The games assess skills that underpin reading, spelling, mental arithmetic, social functioning, language use, motor control and memory, as well as hearing and colour vision.

Smart Cat requires little to no assistance or oversight by a teacher or member of support staff. It can be run on standard classroom computers which have access to the Internet.
There is no software to install, just a little time initially registering your class.