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Using Smart Cat Profiling

Smart Cat Profiling make accurate profiling less demanding of everyone's time. Here's how:

Setting it up

You can play the games and view profiles on just about any PC with an Internet connection. There is no software to install and no special network to connect through. There is very little effort involved in setting it all up: once you have entered the names of all your pupils, their profiles are initialised and the serious fun can begin!

Playing the games

The system is fully secure, once you have set-up a session in the classroom, you or an assistant simply choose which child is to go next, and click on their name on the start screen.

There is no need for you to watch over the games, as they will keep the child fully engaged, while a friendly voice talks them through all that is required.

Once a child has completed the game(s), that you have allotted them, the system hands control back to you, ready for the next child to take their turn.

Using the profiles

At any time after a child completes a game, the corresponding part of their profile is available for you to view. By logging in securely to the teacher's section, you will access to the individual and overall class profiles.

A small number of carefully designed reports provide instant overviews and detailed profile information. As well as providing information for your own use, there are reports with details suitable for passing on to parents. The information you need to assist with filling out the Foundation Stage Profile for each child is also presented in a clear and easily useable form.