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Highlighting Priorities In The Classroom

To give every child the best possible start with their education, you are expending significant effort looking out for where they might benefit from extra help or more appropriate activities in one area or another.

Screen Learning helps enormously with this process, giving you valuable insight into specific strengths and needs far earlier in the academic year and making objective measures across the learning spectrum so that no detail is missed.

Children play a series of thirteen games, each of which measures their skill-levels in specific areas. The system compares their results against the national average to generate detailed, unbiased profiles.

In some cases the profiles may prompt you to refer a child to a specialist for assessment of Special Educational Needs. More often, a lower-than-average profile simply highlights areas that would benefit from extra focus in the classroom and from parents.

To help parents provide extra help for their children in the most beneficial way, Screen Learning has also published a booklet outlining the different activities and games that can be played at home to build skills in each of the different areas.