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The award winning Smart Cat assessment games can now be run in Polish, Turkish, Urdu, Somali, Sylheti, Arabic and Slovak, and there are more on the way thanks to Screen Learning’s ‘Sponsor a Language’ scheme.

Smart Cat Profiling’s unique language facility enables English and EAL learners to be assessed on a level setting, providing objective baseline profiles and an ongoing measure of progress throughout Foundation Stage and y1.

By providing an opportunity for children with EAL to demonstrate their true abilities without being restricted by their understanding of English, Smart Cat can help to raise the expectations of both their teachers and the children themselves. Equally, Smart Cat’s home language assessments can distinguish between a basic language barrier and additional learning needs that could otherwise go unidentified for longer.

We aim to have 30 languages incorporated into Smart Cat by the end of the year and more and more into 2009 - with your help.

To access Smart Cat Profiling in any of the current languages sign up for our free trial. For more information on how to ‘Sponsor a Language’ and the languages in the pipeline contact us on 0845 034 1144 or at info@screenlearning.com.