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buying Smart Cat Profiling

In Detail

The licence for Smart Cat Profiling lasts for one calendar year (unless you are responding to a special promotion). The licence date starts from the day of purchase.

You can buy this resource with your e-learning credits. E-learning credits are still available - the final payment to schools was made in April 2007 and teachers have until August 2008 to spend this allocation only - so don't delay!

Try before you buy

Smart Cat Profiling is available to try for free before you buy

If you need to extend your school’s trial time in order to be completely satisfied with the software, do give us a call and we would be happy to look to extend your trial time period.

The types of licences available

The RRP is £10.00 per pupil and there is a minimum order amount of £50.00.

A site-wide licence is available however, for a cost of just 399.00 per year.

An Ambassador licence is also available. Screen Learning introduced the Ambassador scheme due to an extensive market research programme carried out in this area, and schools that opt in to this particular scheme will enjoy substantial discounts as detailed below:

  • 50% discount off any order (this includes site licences), made by your school, per calendar year that you are an ambassador for Smart Cat Profiling.
  • For every other school who has cited you as their influence and places an order directly with us of 100 or more, you (the named Ambassador Representative) will personally receive a 10 book voucher. See Ambassador Schools page for more information on the scheme and what we would require from you.

An LEA licence

Local authorities are eligible for bulk purchasing arrangements. Please contact our Customer Service department number for how this would work for you.

Ordering Smart Cat Profiling

You can order Smart Cat Profiling either by: