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W3C XHTML Validation

XHTML is the next generation of HTML. It is designed to move the standards developed for HTML forward so that devices (such as printers, phones, televisions or visual aids) can display web pages without needing the page translated. XHTML is also compatible with older browser technologies so that users are not forced to upgrade their computers.

W3C CSS Validation

This website utilises 'Cascading Style Sheets' that allow web pages to be designed and controlled separately from the content. Pages created with CSS files tend to be far smaller and download quicker.

Font Size

You can increase/decrease the font size for this site by going to 'View' on your browser's main toolbar and choosing 'Text Size' from the resulting dropdown menu.

Skip Navigation

'Skip Navigation' has been implemented throughout the site in order to make our pages more convenient for visitors accessing our pages via a reader.


The W3C introduced the support of accesskeys to enable users to select the appropriate key on their keyboards and navigate to a particular link. Accesskeys can also be useful to people who have trouble controlling the mouse and clicking on links.

This site utilises the following accesskeys to navigate within the site:

1 - Home page
2 - Products
3 - Projects
4 - Support
5 - How to buy
6 - About us
7 - Resellers
s - Skip navigation

Accessibility for Apple Mac Users

The Apple Mac operating system includes many accessibility options including resizing text, text-to-speech and keyboard alternatives to using a mouse. If you would like to know more about this then please visit the accessibility section of the Apple website.

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