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About screen learning

Screen Learning is an educational games development and publishing company. It is an early years (ages 3 - 5) assessment provider, using computer games to assist teachers to focus on the child's most pressing needs. Our underlying purpose is to provide tools to help teachers and education professionals working with young children, to identify strengths and needs, to measure progress and, potentially, to flag possible learning difficulties at an early stage.

The Production Team

  • John Dorman (Founder, owner of a small nursery chain)
  • Dr Ian Walker (Cognitive Psychologist and Ex-Dyslexia Institute lecturer )
  • Samantha Crinkle (Ex-Sony PlayStation product designer)
  • Jim Hill (Internet games designer)
  • Duncan Beedie (Ex-Children's BBC & Aardman illustrator)
  • Eileen Marner (Foundation teacher and Special Educational Needs Coordinator)
  • Andy Noton (Security and Database programmer)
  • Stephen Lockhart (Games programmer & web designer)
  • Tim Ketterer (Games programmer & web designer)
  • Gordon Plant (Usability expert)
  • Laura Else (Marketing manager)
  • Paul Mullins (PR)
  • Finn Grant (Operations executive)


  • TEEM - conducting the trials and validating the product
  • Sparrowhawk and Heald - ongoing consulting

Contact us

20 Old Bond Street,
Tel - 0845 034 1144
Fax - 01225 738 662